1. I am new in town and working on making friends
    💁AKA forming a squad (gotta stay hip with the youth lingo)
  2. I met a potential friend at a networking event
  3. I invited her to get drinks, she's been very busy, but invited me to her holiday party
  4. She's too busy to get drinks still and I don't want to be pushy... So I will very shortly be attending the holiday party of a near stranger, filled with total strangers
  5. List Appers, what are your tricks??
  6. "What did you do today?"
    I ask this when I meet new people because it lets them give an answer that they haven't trotted out thousands of times ("I'm from Denver. I'm a forensic accountant. Etc."). It's also disarming and cute.
    Suggested by @saytrumbo
  7. Someone once told me that in those situations, it's best to try and get there on time to avoid having to break into other's conversations, and instead having people join your talk/table/etc. I have yet to try this, but maybe there's some truth to it!
    Suggested by @lizelle
  8. If I'm at a party where I don't know a lot of people, I usually stand by the drinks or food and when other people linger around the table, I'll ask them "oooh that looks good! What did you get?" Or "that looks amazing! How is it?" That's usually how I break the ice and then introductions follow, etc.
    Suggested by @H
  9. Turn off your phone or leave it home. It'll force you to be social.
    Suggested by @colinhughesla