No, really, it is. My parents saw it in an article titled "The Colour of Christ" in the doctor's office back in 1989 - much to everyone's amusement
  1. Were you born in Hawaii?
    I was born in Trinidad.
  2. Oh, but your parents must like really love Hawaii or something right?
  3. Do you know it means "cute" in Japanese?
    What. Oh god. No way.
  4. You're super into anime then?
  5. It's Kah-why?
    No. Exactly how easy it is for you to pronounce Hawaii, should be how easy it is for you to say Kawaii.
  6. Did you know there's also an island just off Hawaii named Kauai?
    I do now.
  7. Okay. Nice to meet you kuh-why-ee.
    (complete over pronunciation)
  8. Yup. Sure.