You know those songs that you start to hear the intro to and instantly start bopping your head or playing air drums? - these are mine.
  1. Goldie - A$AP Rocky
    I know all the words to this one. It's a mellow but festive ode to debauchery. I love it.
  2. New Person, Same Old Mistakes - Tame Impala
    The bass riffs, high hats, and soft synths in this laid back sonnet get me every time. The lyrics are great and the production Tame Impala put into this album blows me away.
  3. King Push - Pusha T
    Aggression at its finest. The beat is what sets it off though. Laced with a ghostly sample, this song is what you might hear in a haunted trap house.
  4. Handsome & Wealthy - Migos
    Update later