1. When I corrected my algebra teacher in eighth grade.
    So sweet. He was a prick.
  2. The first time I watched "The Emperor's New Groove"
    Cheese me no likey.
  3. When I wore my first serious boyfriend's varsity jacket to school.
    He would break up with me later that day, but that morning was a huge high.
  4. That night on the beach with my best friend and the Dixie chicks.
    We were 14, we had 2 beers a piece, and the Dixie Chicks played on repeat while we danced like no-one was watching.
  5. Playing cards with my grandma.
    She always cheated :)
  6. When I sang an original song for my senior solo.
    I kinda blacked out from nerves and have no idea what happened.
  7. My trip to Japan.
    I must go back.
  8. The first time I read Harry Potter.
    I was all "What?", "No!", "Nooooo!" Tear. Applause.
  9. The first joy ride I took in my Chevy.
    I finally had a license and the truck to go with it. It had a cassette player, so naturally I listened to Michael Jackson's "Dangerous".