and it brings me an unusual amount of joy.
  1. When I go to the grocery store,
  2. And I'm in to the produce section,
  3. I look for people who look lost.
    Looks at phone, looks at produce, takes 2 steps, looks at phone, looks at produce, touches nothing.
  4. I ask them if they need help finding anything.
  5. They usually look skeptical.
  6. Then I become the Vanna White of vegetables.
  7. Kohlrabi? Right this way!
  8. Radicchio? Boom!
  9. I know, this is a terrible place to put the basil. Why isn't it with all of the other herbs?
    They might as well put it in a shoebox under the meat counter.
  10. I love when a very old man needs help. He'll usually mutter something like "What in the world would she want with this?" while curiously twisting some ginger root.
  11. And for some reason this makes me so very happy.