It's a one in five opportunity. What will it be?
  1. Alright pearl jam is on
    Jeff always picks pearl jam. Right on! Holy shit, I'm next!
  2. Time to shine
    Something from our past? Something new? Abstract? Classic?
  3. What do you really want to hear?
    Bjork, Human Behavior. Absolutely.
  4. They're all going to laugh at you
    You're music is often referred to as bizarre. This could affect the whole mood of the garage!
  5. It's getting close!
    The last song is winding down. Time to decide. Crowd pleaser, or what's in your heart?
  6. Who couldn't at least appreciate Bjork?
    The beat is undeniably made for gyrating, and the way she says "compass" tears apart my soul then puts it back together in a more complete way.
  7. I'm gonna do it!
    Syncs my Bluetooth. Presses play.
  8. Everybody looks pissed
    You are banned from playing music in the garage. Tale of a fail.