@graceofwrath thanks for the suggestion! I've never thought of this question exactly, so it was kinda nice to explore that!
  1. I don't care if you forgot to shave/need pedicure/have wet hair etc. Like not even a little bit.
    We just don't see that stuff. It's sweet for you to apologize, but we mean it when we say it doesn't matter :)
  2. Timing is everything!!!
    We need to know what your goals are early so we can designate time. I get flustered when I have 10 minutes left and my client says, "ya know...I decided I DO want my legs done." Well, shit. Which leads me to...
  3. Please, please, please for the love of something you believe in, BE ON TIME (please)
    I have 15 minutes in between appointments that I use to check out and rebook clients, clean my room, then fun stuff like peeing:) If you are late (Linda), I STILL take care of you (Linda!), because I know how much the massage helps you (I see you, Linda! I can see you in your car on your phone, when you should be in my room right now because I have a schedule to keep and you're gonna walk in all "oh I just love" whatever the weather is doing, but I'm panicking because you are 15 minutes late!).
  4. I speak when spoken to.
    If you ask questions and spark conversation, I will respond (I want to respond!). If you take a deep breath and follow it with silence, I get it. I don't like to talk AT ALL when I'm receiving a massage. I have clients talk for the entire massage as well. It's your time!
  5. I genuinely love you.
    Sounds sappy, and it is. Unless you give me a reason not to (see guy who told me I had a great phone sex voice. Ew.), I really care about how you feel, what's on your mind, if you're sleeping well, if you need quiet/more or less pressure, if you're cold/hot, if you've ever seen a baby pigeon, etc. So.Much.Love. :)
  6. Static