Here we go.
  1. There's Christina! And Mike! They look great!
  2. What has it been, like 3 years?
  3. Shit.
  4. "Vicki, omagawd how are you?"
    Hug. Small talk. Here it comes.
  5. "So, did you and Doug get divorced?"
    You know damn well we got divorced.
  6. "I'm so sorry. What happened?"
  7. Well...
    A dialogue goes through my head.
  8. He started drinking a lot.
    About a case a day.
  9. I didn't know how to talk to him anymore.
    Nothing seemed to sink in.
  10. He wouldn't try counseling.
    Until the day I asked for a divorce.
  11. It was too little too late.
    I was so exhausted by that point.
  12. I took the place of his mother.
    And the role that my mother played for my father.
  13. We didn't have good sex anymore.
    It was rushed and greedy. I thought about how much time it would buy me.
  14. I couldn't be honest with him.
    I was afraid of causing too many waves. I thought I was picking my battles, but I was just repressing everything until I resented him.
  15. So I finally said I wanted a divorce.
    Weeks of crying. I was terrified that I couldn't make it on my own. I knew it wasn't a good enough reason to stay.
  16. He moved out.
  17. We talked about once a week, and I was shocked to see that he didn't actually remember fighting with me for the last several years.
  18. Then I remembered that he was drunk for most of those fights.
    The morning after was always about how we shouldn't be talking about what happened because he was wasted.
  19. He accused me of cheating.
  20. Paperwork. Court. Dividing of assets.
  21. But I end up saying, "things just didn't work out."
  22. And they say, "things happen for a reason."