1. Hyde park sounds like a fun place to run, I'm gonna find my way over there
  2. Wow Lexi you found that park so fast. It may have been a straight line but still...Way to go champ.
  3. Why is everyone looking at me weird?
  4. Should i be running on the left side of the path?
  5. So tired already. Time to head back.
  6. I should go back the way i came so i don't get lost, but this path looks rather nice
  7. Everybody has such small dogs here.
  8. Ok I'm not in the park anymore, not sure how that happened, but it's chill i can follow street signs
  9. How do you pronounce Gloucester street? Glowster? Glosster? Glowchester?
  10. Why do the streets keep changing names? And curving?
  11. I just ran up the hill for no reason. It's fine i like the extra challenge.
  12. That lady just called a driver a twat in front of her baby. Is that legal?
  13. That street is called Holland park avenue. My hostel is in holland park: must be it.
  14. And it's curving in the wrong direction. Ok turn around.
  15. What do old people think when you run past them? Are they sad because their bodies are so restricting? Or is it endearing to see young people out living their life?
  16. Holland place, finally
  17. And it's a dead end. Fuck.
  18. How many streets can they name holland? The park only has four sides.
  19. I should really just go back to Hyde park and start over, assuming i can find it again.
  20. I made it back. I'm on the wrong end of the park, but I'm here. This is an embarrassingly large relief.
  21. I'm like a child lost in a grocery store. Except my mom doesn't know I'm missing. And instead of sleeping under a rack of coats I'm lost in a city three times the size of Chicago.
  22. This run is way longer than four miles
  23. Ok I'm at the entrance i came in. Backtracking. Here we go.
  24. I'm lost again. It was a straight fucking line how is this possible‽‽
  25. 10 minutes later...
  26. Holland street. Could it be...?
  27. Don't get your hopes up, Lexi. It's a trap.
  28. Ok that building looks familiar. Good sign
  29. Holland park? Does that sign say holland park‽
  30. It's there. I see it.
  31. Or do I?
  33. I really want some pancakes for breakfast. Why don't Brits eat pancakes?