Places near my now home
  1. Fair Trade - coffee, sandwiches, smoothies, and ice cream
  2. Lola Coffee - great coffee, cool patio, good place to chill
  3. The Teapot - new tea and coffee in a cute home on 5th Ave South of Roosevelt
  4. Palabra - it's coffee, and a gallery, and a hair salon...all in a cool white building!
  5. Velo Bike Shop and Cafe - buy a cool bike, get a coffee, and kambucha on!
  6. Lux
    Actually not that close to Roosevelt, but so cool it has to be on the list.
  7. Grand Central Coffee
    New place to try out in an old club
  8. BE
    In MonOrchid gallery
  9. Vovomeena-Morning Moonshine
    Two locations, both with the best cold brew
  10. Giant Coffee
    Cool building, great coffee on 1st St north of the park
  11. Cartel
    A longer walk to 1st St and Washington, but well known as the best in PHX
  12. Birdhaus Coffee
    Cool building next to Oven and Vine in Willo
  13. Phoenix Public Market
    The best for coffee, breakfast, and just hanging out
  14. Jobot Coffee
    The Roosevelt Row classic in a new location
  15. Press Coffee
    Lot's of buzz for this new Central and McDowell shop
  16. Tea and Toast
    Good coffee, the best avocado toast