Mexican Restaurants in the Phoenix Urban Core I Like Or Want to Try
  1. La Pinata - new location 7th Ave N of Missouri
    Old school, melted cheese Mexican
  2. Los Dos Molinos
    Old school, melted cheese Mexican with SPICE! Awesome! Try the original south PHX location for the real deal...
  3. Barrio Cafe
    Best Mexican in Phoenix, best restaurant as well, not your standard melted cheese Mexican; best taco - Cochinita Pipil.
  4. Barrio Cafe Gran Reserva
    1301 NW Grand Ave...this place will rock when it opens!
  5. Crescent Ballroom
    Yes, the menu is Mexican...will have to try it!
  6. La Flor De Calabaza
    Behind Pomo on 1st St...will have to try it! Hip Latin American with live music
  7. Paz Taco Truck
    Usually parked on Roosevelt...good tacos!
  8. Chipotle 7th Ave and McDowell
    Gotta have quick and healthy Mex sometimes
  9. America's Tacos 7th St
    Carne Asada!
  10. Tacos de Juarez
    7th St N of Roosevelt. Either great or lame...try it and find out!
  11. El Norteno
    No frills taco stand at 7th Ave and Roosevelt. I'll have to try it...always seems busy.
  12. Gadzooks
    Not a Mexican name, but known for some of the best Tacos
  13. Otro Cafe
    Gotta love Otro...the best!
  14. Tacos Chiwas
    Homemade tortillas and Chris Bianco's favorite...on the McDowell corridor at 1923 E. Try the carnitas taco, the beef and ham "taco chiwa", or the rajas gordita
  15. La Santisma
    Looks cool and keep hearing people rave about it. Known for their Salsa bar. Best taco - Aztec Chicken Tinga
  16. Taqueria Los Yaquis
    Simple, cheap pollo and asada tacos at this hole in the wall at 727 W Camelback, served late night and cash only
  17. El Rinconcito Del D.F.
    Cash only hole in the wall in Sunnyslope at 8901 N 12th st; best taco: Suadero - brisket, onion, cilantro
  18. Los Taquitos
    16th St, N of Glendale, fantastic street tacos - try the chicken!
  19. Pepe's Taco Villa
    2108 W Camelback, great soft corn tacos, but the out-of-this-world specialty is the taco Monterrey - flour taco with air-dried beef scrambled up with egg, chiles, tomato and onion