Cool things in the rainy city
  1. Pine-Pike Neighborhood
    Cool, local, diverse, vibrant and non-touristy
  2. Taylor Shellfish
    At Melrose Market...Oysters!!!!
  3. Sitka and Spruce
    Also at Melrose Market...expensive, fantastic, fiercely farm-to-table
  4. Odd fellows
    Hipster coffee, breakfast and sandwiches in the heart of Pike-Pine
  5. Needle and Thread
    Speakeasy above Tavern Law...try to get a reservation, or just try your luck
  6. Kedai Mayan
    Malaysian Noodles in Pike-Pine...Chili Pan Mee comes recommended
  7. 10th Ave Shopping
    Near Pine and Pike...old school book and record stores, lots of cool local boutiques
  8. Linda's Tavern
    Dive bar with a great outdoor patio...reportedly the last place Curt Cobain was seen alive