1. Static
    Continuous encouragement to write, even though my actual writing is sparse & usually fraught with high emotion instead of the amazing stories that I know are hidden (deeply) somewhere in my psyche.
  2. Static
    I often find random pix of my kid & the ridiculousness of being a teen in the 21st century. (p.s. I have no idea why the pic is sideways)
  3. Static
    Wow. Blast from the past - me with my high school 'Seuss Troupe' where we'd go to elementary schools & perform stories from Dr. Seuss. (I'm the blonde on the bottom center)
  4. Static
    My two favorite people in the whole world. (Jessi & Jared are feeling the Bern at a Bernie Sanders really)
  5. Static
    Just one of numerous tats I've found on da webs. I want one continuous tat over my shoulders & back, but I can never decide on what to get. Meaningful, mystical & beautiful.