We don't use cones for much other than ice cream in the U.S., but we should.
  1. Frites
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    You haven't lived until you've scarfed a paper cone of fresh fries on the streets of Antwerp. Get comfortable with the mayo, it's how they're meant to be.
  2. Bhel Puri
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    Indians do a lot of great street snacks in cones but my favorite is bhel puri, a wonderful salad of puffed rice and vegetables flavored with tamarind. I practically lived on this in Mumbai.
  3. Fish and Chips
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    Super comforting to eat out of a newspaper cone while braced against the wind on a chilly English shore.
  4. Temaki Sushi
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    So much sushi goodness spilling out of these handrolls. Meant to be consumed immediately after they're made. I wish temaki street vendors were more of a thing.
  5. Ice Cream
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    Edible cones are slowly creeping into the savory category (See: Disneyland's chili in a bread cone), but they'll never unseat the champ. Waffle or cake? Also, don't forget Hawaiian shave ice.