1. All the Sloan(e)s on The List App
    Look I'm not going to get into the politics of ranking all of us but obviously we are the best: me, @SGGinNYC and @sloane_crosley
  2. Sloan
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    Prolific power pop band with an epic 20 year career and 11 albums. So much to love about these highly adaptable Canadians, but the Beatles-esque Navy Blues is probably my favorite album. http://bit.ly/1GEYUvR
  3. Sloane Peterson
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    Ferris Bueller's Day Off was the first time I ever remember hearing my name spoken onscreen and of course I was in love with her. "Sooner or later, everyone goes to the zoo."
  4. Sloan Valve Company
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    Do you use public bathrooms? Then you use Sloan fixtures. They own your flushes and washes.
  5. Lone Sloane
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    Super trippy French scifi comic from the 60s that was translated into English by Heavy Metal Magazine to be enjoyed by burn out stoner nerds for all eternity. Some seriously cool psychedelic artwork in there though.
  6. The Sloan Upholstered Chair
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    Great mid century lines and wood detail from West Elm. I'm seeing a lot of furniture lines using Sloan in the name but this one stands above.
  7. Sloane Rangers
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    Nickname referring to the preppy stereotype of Londoners who hang around Sloane Square in London. No one wore it better than Charles and Diana.
  8. Dr. Mark Sloan
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    AKA McSteamy, I'm still pissed they took him off life support even though I know deep down it was the right decision. Also some Grey's trivia, he had a daughter named Sloan.
  9. Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
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    They give bags of money to scientists, what's wrong with that?
  10. Sloane Stephens
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    Rising young tennis star, most notable performance to date included making the semis at the 2013 Australian Open by defeating Serena.
  11. Memorial Sloan Kettering
    I mean this isn't where you want to be but if you need it it is one of the best Sloans. 🚑🏥🚑🏥
    Suggested by @donnie
  12. Sloan McQuewick
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    I know this character is supposed to be "the wife/girlfriend every guy wants" but it never clicked for me, just another annoying person in a cast full of intentionally annoying people in a show that I really liked.
  13. The Sloan pant
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    Banana Republic makes great pants and they've had this women's line for at least five years, which I only know because about twice a year someone texts me a photo from inside a Banana Republic.
  14. Sloan Sabbith
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    Hesitant to even include a Sorkin Sloan because he's such a jerk about female characters ( “It’s true, there is a lack of depth to most roles written for women, but a writer can only write for the talent that’s out there,” says Sorkin. “Male actors can speak quickly and loudly, or quickly and softly. Women just don’t have that kind of range.”) but I did like this character.
  15. How's about the Sloan Sports Conference held annually at MIT where analytic types from every sport convene to achieve the ultimate goal of controlling the same jocks who tormented them in high school?
    Suggested by @Pan