1. Hot N' Headed To Vietnam Glen
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    We all know how this is going to end but who the hell cares! Look at those sideburns! Imagine the abs imprisoned in that billowy denim wrapper!
  2. Super Confident Stoner Glen
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    He hates war, owns a lot of buttons and knows how to sneak weed and booze into a girls boarding school. Oh yeah and he's not afraid to wrassle his seedy pal Rolo to defend Sally's honor. This is basically a tie for first place.
  3. Football & Marlboros Glen
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    He's sporty and he smokes now? I want to know who's coaching him on effective wooing techniques because this is light years ahead of his look-at-my-pocket-knife move.
  4. Callin' From Boarding School Glen
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    I didn't really care for this Glen, unpredictable, sad and some light stalker vibes. Plus he breaks Sally's heart in the Museum of Natural History. Stone cold. Took a step back from where I thought he was headed as Football Smoker Glen.
  5. Hair Fetish Glen
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    Creepiest kid on television. Yeah I know he came from a "troubled" home but come on, no one would have been surprised if they were setting up a serial killer story line with this action.