Big news announced this week - Original New York Seltzer, maybe the most awesome drink of the 80s, is being revived this summer. Look out La Croix...
  1. This is what they looked like
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    The revival will keep the same stubby glass bottles and, presumably, that timelessly cliche NY branding.
  2. Black Cherry was everything
    Some other flavors made a strong showing--I remember liking lime and vanilla cream--but none could touch the magic of black cherry.
  3. Variety packs FTW
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    Almost unheard of to be able to get any kind of soda in a mixed pack like this.
  4. This was one of the first beverages to boast "all natural" ingredients (even though the veracity of that was probably never verified) and, even more revolutionary for the time, to not use any coloring
    Which led to...
  5. One of the great tag lines of the 80s
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  6. The father-son ownership team was crazy
    They dressed and styled themselves like some kind of glorious mashup of every 80s TV and hair band heartthrob and were frequently in the news for their antics and showboating, which usually included motorcycles and tigers.
  7. Watch this nonsensical stunt commercial:
  8. And this profile on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous...