1. TITLE: tiny house, Bread Truck van - $4500 (se portland)
    Based on the randomized capitalization there's a 99% chance this is overpriced, but I'd be hard pressed to find a more enticing listing title today.
  2. DESCRIPTION: Super cool, beautifully finished-reclaimed wood, Insulated, no utilities (extension cords for electric), Driveable- propane engine
    Propane engine?????? I don't care how it works and I retract my previous statement about the price, take all my money.
  3. PHOTO 1
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    Yes I will absolutely follow you inside your gypsy wagon based entirely on the quality of the wood paneling you've affixed to the back door. Can't wait to see what's inside!
  4. PHOTO 2
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    Ok hang on, you said this was beautifully finished. Why am I looking at raw unfinished plywood patches? Because they were "reclaimed" from a construction site in the middle of the night? I'm backing out, you've got one photo to counter affect the murder wagon vibe.
  5. PHOTO 3
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    That's more like it, a wash basin for cleaning up a little, some cabinetry, a mirror for pondering my reflection and the life choices that brought me to this place.
  6. PHOTO 4
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    "What are we gonna do with the other wheel well? Wait, I know, we should put in a throne." Imagine the gypsy court proceedings this regal chair has presided over. When I showed this to @elooto he thought it was an electric chair.
  7. PHOTO 5
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    Pretty sure this would be my favorite room in the house. Which reminds me, I'm getting annoyed with the overuse of label tiny house. This is a "custom Phish show shag wagon" if it's anything at all.
  8. PHOTO 6
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    My OCD would require that I immediately restore the original Franz logo to showroom quality. Just think of all the free loading zone parking you could exploit.