Said goodbye to my 16 year old dog on Friday. We had great times but yeah, it's raw.
  1. The first time you vacuum
    I'd imagined that moment a thousand times while she was alive and was never sad about the idea of no more dog hair. But WATERWORKS.
  2. Suddenly there is food all over the floor all the time
    All the extra bending is killing me. Also just picked up a chip I dropped and WATERWORKS.
  3. The absence of noisy claws clicking on the floor while you are just trying to watch Bloodline goddamnit
    Now silence. And WATERWORKS.
  4. Dogs and their stuff are everywhere
    I barely noticed that there were other dogs around two weeks ago and now I can't even walk by a bag of Castor and Pollux grain free duck and pea kibble at Whole Foods without WATERWORKS.
  5. Miss you Cleo
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