There were so many, @Jim, but these were the best.
  1. Samsung Lightsabers
    You'll pay a little more but they're still the best.
  2. Chevy Sand Speeder
    Features some questionable design choices like a tiny, useless windshield and a seat that is directly on the engine but it's Chevy, what do you want?
  3. Intel Inside™ Prosthetic Hands
    Losing extremities in lightsaber battles is more common than you think and the robotic hand business is going gangbusters apparently.
  4. Uber
    Was not at all surprised that the Millennium Falcon is running Uber rides now.
  5. Turtle Storm Trooper Suit Wax
    I thought this was unnecessary because the First Order is the only target consumer but I suppose you could also wax your Corolla with it.
  6. Red Bull
    I thought it was a stretch to have every creature in the cantina drinking this, but it is the cockroach of the energy drink market and I suppose it's possible that it could have spread to other galaxies.
  7. In N Out
    This is the only one that worked on me, I got super hungry when Luke rode his tauntaun through the drive thru.