1. Get in the habit of requesting lists from people
    And encourage them to do the same for you. Be amazed at how thinking of lists for other people to make helps you come up with your own.
  2. Ask yourself, what does @bjnovak want me to do?
    He wants you to be yourself, write about a memory you had, places you like to visit, or things you're good at.
  3. Rank something, anything
    Open your fridge. Are there six kinds of mustard? Rank them. (1. Classic yellow, 2. Spicy brown, 3. Honey, 4. Dijon, 5. Sweet hot, 6. Stone ground)
  4. Stop trying to be perfect
    Be rash and impulsive. That weird or obsessive thought in your head right now? Turn it into a list for us all to marvel at.
  5. Use one of the suggested lists at the bottom of your own
    Go to your list of lists and scroll to the bottom to see them. Those are good ideas.
  6. Ask for help or advice
    Chances are good that you're googling the hell out of some topic right now for research so why not round out your results with an assist from the community? Crowd sourcing is the new educated guess.
  7. Stand on your head
    I don't really understand how the human body works but for some reason when you are upside down all the good list ideas sink to your head. Be sure to use the symbol for headstand ⛎ so that everyone knows you made this list while standing on your head.