1. A small child enters the kitchen, his face is covered with fresh blueberry stains that could be expected if his family lived in a Robert McCloskey-esque mountain home nestled in wild blueberry bramble.
  2. However this family lives in an urban neighborhood and has no blueberries. Also the child is naked.
  3. "My son, have you been eating blueberries?"
  4. "I did it!"
  5. "What did you do?"
  6. "I did it."
  7. "What is it?"
  8. "I did do it."
  9. "What is on your face?"
  10. "Yes it is."
  11. "Is it blueberries on your face? Where did you get blueberries?"
  12. "I would likes some blueberries, yes."
  13. "But you appear to have had some already, how did you get them?"
  14. "Chase me!"
    Child exits the kitchen quickly.