1. The MWL has a genius staff and the deepest menu in town, just shy of a thousand bottles of whiskey from all corners of the world and another five hundred bottles of clear spirits, especially tequila and Mezcal. When I read about something exceptional or interesting, this is where I taste it before committing to a bottle.
  2. Knappogue Castle 12yr Irish Single Malt
    I love the light crispness of Irish single malts and Knappogue Castle is the best I've ever had. This one was a recommendation from the bartender, now a staple in my cabinet at home. The 15 year is also nice but not enough of a boost for me to splurge.
  3. Dad's Hat Rye
    @Pan ordered this one once after encouragement from our bartender and it was a revelation - a young small batch eye from Pennsylvania that just explodes with character. Shatters much of the imposter-ish macro distillery ryes that are running rampant. I haven't found it to hold up well in cocktails so try it neat or with a little water only.
  4. Laphroaig Triple Wood Single Malt Scotch
    Man, where to begin with this one. If you like Islays this is a must try, incredibly complex and sweet with all the intense peat you expect from Laphroaig. I don't consider myself to have a sophisticated palate but I can absolutely discern the influences of the three barrels - bourbon, oak quarter cask and sherry. There is also a less expensive version with a little less wood called the Quarter Cask that is also worth picking up, but start with the Triple Wood.
  5. Haig Dimple Pinch Blended Scotch
    Im not a huge blended scotch fan but I like to keep one in the cabinet for soda mixing or just more casual sipping. I always kept Ballantine's for this purpose because it was my grandfather's choice but the I watched with the rest of the world as Walter White took his last drink on earth from a bottle of Dimple Pinch and knew I had to give it a go. Smoother than the Ballantine's and that name and bottle are irresistible.
  6. Old Fitzgerald's 1849
    Remarkably smooth bourbon that could easily become a favorite regular cabinet bottle if it were sadly not discontinued by Heaven Hill due to shortages late last year. Awesome alternative to Makers, Bulleit and similarly more well known middle shelvers if they ever ramp it back up.
  7. Whistle Pig Rye
    Word is out on this firecracker now but back when we stumbled into it at MWL it was just starting to make waves with it's intensely hot and interesting flavor and sketchy backstory (made from Canadian rye but aged in Vermont and sold as American rye). I think the night we tried this, @Jim, @Pan and I left the library and went straight to the liquor store to buy a bottle each.
  8. Old Weller Antique 107
    Exclusively for mixing old fashioned and manhattans, it's exceptional.
  9. Yamazaki 18yr Single Malt
    Have long been curious about Japanese single malts but at a complete loss on where to start. Had a bartender steer me to this one for its rare use of Spanish oak barrels (most Japanese whiskeys use sherry barrels). Delicious, fruity, pleasant surprise.
  10. Wahaka Espadin Mezcal
    Great entry level sipping Mezcal. If you like whiskey and haven't gotten into the smoky allure of mezcals this is a perfect starting point. Like licking a gently charred log but with a much smoother finish.
  11. Old Speckled Hen
    I love to drink a beer back with my whiskey and MWL keeps this English ale on hand for just that purpose. Not surprisingly, it complements every style and I've never encountered a better beer to pair with any whiskey.