One of the best things about Spotify is being able to find the hundreds and sometimes thousands of songs curated for TV series. Please suggest more.
  1. Girls
    The best, it's like a dream all purpose playlist, you can work, run, bike, hang out to it. And sometimes it's really funny. A soundtrack for life, @lenadunham
  2. Breaking Bad
    It's all there, even the jarring Jessie Pinkman rap rock tracks. Nothing makes me happier than when Crystal Blue Persuasion comes on though.
  3. Freaks and Geeks
    You might think you already have enough classic rock in your life, but these tracks are smart. Exhibit A: Dick Dale shredding Hava Nagila.
  4. My So Called Life
    End to end 90s alt brilliance sprinkled with hilarious radio hits.
  5. Looking
    Every song is audible sunshine.
  6. Nashville
    Silky smooth classic country and alt country with Nashville roots. Lindi Ortega and Kurt Vile just so you know it's the real deal.
  7. Mad Men
    All swank, you know what you're getting into here.
  8. Entourage
    The best soundtrack I've ever found for driving, every song is windows down crankable. Also some great deep crate breakbeat gems in there.
  9. Dawson's Creek + One Tree Hill
    The List App is a safe place, right? A judgement free zone? Where I'm free to be me? The two best guilty pleasure slash "breakup chic" playlists, you'll never need another generic coffee shop mood radio station, as long as you can handle every sappy pop song made between 1998 and 2012.
  10. Every CW show (specifically The Vampire Diaries & Reign)
    Say what you will about the content but CW shows always have killer soundtracks. Hard not to when you have so much emotional angst and hot bad guys to deal with. There are great Spotify playlists for pretty much every current CW show.
    Suggested by @stamos
  11. Transparent Just perfect. I feel like I've known all these songs for my whole life.
    Suggested by @hillary
  12. Eastbound and Down
    Suggested by @JEFF: had some of the best music direction in recent television memory.
  13. You're the Worst
    Everything about this show is the best, including the music! Fairly eclectic and just the most listenable.
    Suggested by @julia