We just ate a bunch of crazy hot dogs at Japadog. Here's what I learned.
  1. Terimayo
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    Start here. Amazing flavor, teriyaki, seaweed and some white stuff. Get it with the kurobuta sausage. Heaven.
  2. Yakisoba
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    Billed by the menu as the "King of Lunch" it struggles to live up to that hype. Lots of promise but doesn't deliver if the noodles aren't hot and freshly prepared. The flavor is also a little one note unless you get the pickled ginger in your bite.
  3. Avocado
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    Holy cream, the texture and flavor of the avocado with copious amounts of cream cheese, just an explosion of wonder. Limited time offering, sells out quickly at lunch.
  4. Hot & Spicy
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    If you're a relish fan this is for you, about a pound of spicy relish. Overwhelms the hot dog a bit.
  5. Oroshi
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    Grated radish and shoyu on a bratwurst, surprisingly crisp and refreshing, a great palate cleansing dog.
  6. Yakiniku Rice
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    The audacity. A beef and rice stir fry fish dumped on top of the hot dog, tasty but not terribly flavorful save for a pop of pickled ginger. Would be much improved with better rice, maybe a fried or crispy rice.