Was spitballing with @elooto, this is our wish list.
  1. Trucker hats
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  2. Beer koozies
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  3. Shades
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    Suggested by @elooto
  4. Moleskines
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  5. 30 Day Cleanse
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  6. Thick cotton socks
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  7. Cake server
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    Limited edition, for @eatthelove's collection.
  8. Coffee mug
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  9. Ceramic bone broth growler
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    The very cusp of the zeitgeist.
  10. Avocado toast tote
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  11. Lister's Block
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    A 6" blue box. Inside: A bottle of cognac.
  12. Wearable crystal pouch
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    Take your magic with you.
  13. American Express Blue Card
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  14. List App pregnancy test
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    Suggested by @karen