1. Small cup, small spoon
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    There's something transportive about the smallness of this drink and its accoutrements. Likely because we've become accustomed to everything in such large, plastic quantities.
  2. The flavor
    There's a reason why we drink so many coffee beverages with milk (or milk beverages with coffee) and its not just because of our national dairy obsession. It's because the right amount of cream brings out the richness of the roast and the macchiato cuts the espresso in an ideal increment.
  3. The meaning
    The literal translation of macchiato is "stained" or "spotted" which makes this "stained coffee." The origin of the name arose from the need of waiters to distinguish black espresso from that with a small amount of cream when communicating with baristas.
  4. Too small to take away
    The size alters your behavior. You don't dump a macchiato into a tiny paper cup unless you are in a life and death hurry. You order, you sit, you take ten minutes to enjoy it.
  5. The caffeine dose
    A single shot is enough for any occasion, whether you are kick starting the day or bridging the sleepy gap between lunch and dinner, and it will send you flying without a crash. Not saying this is the only coffee you have all day, but consider adding it to your repertoire.