My poor parents suffered through two years of flip flopping and poor grades before I settled and they never sounded the alarm. Heroes.
  1. Marine Biology
    In my first packed auditorium class, the TA got up in front of the couple hundred freshman in the room and said something like, "30% of all college students in Florida want to be Marine Biologists their first year in school. Only 1% of you actually will." He was right, I quit halfway through my first chemistry class.
  2. Mechanical Engineering
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, hooooo yeah, no.
  3. Pre Law
    Not sure what I was thinking here, needed to wash away the stink of failure in two impossible science majors with....the stink of smarmy law school profs? No thanks.
  4. Undeclared
    Basically just listened to Dinosaur Jr. and Pavement records for a year. One of my fondest memories.
  5. English
    I could have stuck with this one and ended up exactly where I am today but with more obscure lit knowledge stuffed in my head. For some reason though I had a hard time visualizing career options, this is a common failure of public universities.
  6. Anthropology
    I randomly signed up for Anthropology of Religion and the professor, Bruce, walks in on the first day looking crazy and disheveled and proceeds to tell us that he is living an alternate life through his dreams. Every night when he goes to sleep he picks up where he left off, living with a different family, working a different job in a different country. And he was becoming convinced that his dream life was the reality. I changed my major to Anthropology that afternoon and never looked back.