I never forget a pretty swim.
  1. Washougal River, Washington
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    The best swimming River near Portland in my opinion, largely due to the abundance of calm, deep pools and limited access that keeps the crowds small. It's also totally deserted during the week which makes it the perfect hooky swim. Everyone I know has a favorite secret spot and guards it fiercely.
  2. Palau Pangkor, Malaysia
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    Lots of wild jungle beaches on this quiet island that is infested with monkeys. Had a particularly memorable swim in the rain here once, watching helplessly as a monkey ransacked my backpack on the beach and retreated into the trees with my iPod.
  3. Khovsgol Lake, Mongolia
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    My wife and I swam naked here, surrounded by yaks. Enough said.
  4. Assorted Palm Springs Swimming Pools, California
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    I'm not a huge pool fan but I remember every single swimming pool I've been in in PS...the heat, the mountains, the booze, that place just has a hold on me.
  5. El Nido, Palawan Philippines
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    Jaw dropping rock formations and secluded cove beaches with lodging options ranging from some of the most opulent resorts in the world to free jungle camping in hammocks.
  6. Juniper Springs, Florida
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    So many memorable swims from my childhood in Florida but none top the freshwater springs and underwater caves around Ocala. We camped every summer at Juniper and it blew my mind every time.
  7. Crater Lake, Oregon
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    As promised, this was the purest and coldest water I've ever been in. Eyes opened under water and it was like wearing a mask. You only do this one once and never forget it.
  8. Abel Tasman, New Zealand
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    Another cold one, but the color and light are so pure it hurts.
  9. Summer Lake Hot Springs, Oregon
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    Absolutely magical desert hot spring "resort" in southern Oregon with breathtaking vistas all around and multiple options for soaking in pools of varying temperatures. I love it most in winter with a fresh blanket of snow.
  10. Nam Song River, Laos
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    Experienced via the craziness of Vang Vieng, an unlikely and wildly popular party town in Laos. The entire town is geared towards giving you an endless river float party, with rustic bar huts lining the banks, rope swings, floating food vendors and on and on.