There are 700+ food carts in portland but the best always seem to have highly specialized and limited menus. Suggest more!
  1. Chez Dodo
    Cuisine from the island of Mauritis. Where is Mauritis? Exactly. Four or five choose your own adventure curries from this mashup of creole, french, European and Indian influenced tropical island nation in Africa.
  2. Nong's Khao Man Gai
    Everyone eats at Nong's eventually, Thai street food dish of chicken and rice with the most amazing garlic ginger sauce, served in a paper bundle for immediate consumption.
  3. PDX671
    Food from Guam, another super weird mashup of colonist cultures that hits the palate like nothing you've had before.
  4. Potato Champion
    Late late late night favorite, just poutine done in about a dozen ways. Situated in a cart pod with a great late night atmosphere.
  5. Burrasca
    Tuscan peasant food, usually just three or four menu items, seasonally changing and always incredible.
  6. Polli-Tico
    Central/South American rotisserie chicken is suddenly a thing in this town (why not?) and there are a few good places. This cart downtown does theirs over charcoal, Peruvian style and it is heavenly. Fried papas on the side and all those great Peruvian sauces for dipping.
  7. Stu's Stews
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    Featuring Donald. And @crb