Always seems to be the first to go, probably because it lives at that popsicle-perfection nexus of safe and delicious. Tangy, sweet, juicy, oranges are boss and there are no competitors in this food color category. Simply put, if you're smart (street OR book) this is your OP. Anyone picking up an orange OP and expecting it to taste like carrots, please skip down to Pink.
  2. RED
    So sexy. Quick, name a red food that tastes bad. Can't do it. When you grab this, will it be strawberry? Raspberry? Rhubarb? Cherry tomatoes?? Doesn't matter, turn down the lights and get freaky.
  3. GREEN
    Lots of potential for ambiguity with this color, but there's a 60% chance you're gonna taste lime when you suck on green ice, which is good enough for most people. If you've ever said "Puerto Vallarta is great!" this is the OP for you.
    Easily identified as lemonish, should rank higher but suffers from being a pretty "meh" color and flavor. Still a safe play if all you see left in the box are the bottom three colors.
  5. BLUE
    Things start to get weird here. What's up with blue? Kind of a mischievous choice. It's probably going to taste like blueberry, safe bet, but it's definitely going to stain your mouth and make you look like a toddler for the rest of the day. I guess if you don't have any meetings today and like blueberries, this is your OP.
    Straight up trashy, don't bother eating this one iced. Let it thaw first and drink it wet. Feel that burn? That's your poor decision making.
  7. PINK
    Completely unidentifiable flavor, listed as "Tropical Punch" but in reality is probably made by scraping the goo from the barrel bottoms of the other colors and mixing them together. If you are an adult that makes "suicides" by mixing all the sodas together at Burger King, this is your OP.