1. Pyramids
    Oh, some things are more important than other things? Really?? And don't try turning it upside down motherfucker, I can still tell it's a pyramid.
  2. Funnels
    Unless you are literally making delicious sausage, GTFO with these funnels.
  3. Cones
    This is just a non functioning funnel of stale ass content. Move along.
  4. Stock Photos of People Yelling
    Yes my marketing should be targeted and yes I already knew that so no I will not be paying you for this presentation.
  5. This clip art
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    I cannot believe this is still being used in 2015 without irony. Go straight to Indiana if you have used this in a presentation since 1998.
  6. Any shape that is not in any way related to the concept supposedly being illustrated.
    Why are those 4 "company values" in a circle of arrows? WHY? And why is that list of Q3 goals hovering over a triangle?
    Suggested by @johnnyartpants
  7. Animated text or images sliding in/fading in or funky slide transitions
    Suggested by @kate