Especially the ones who are clearly illegally renting their unit and ask you to keep a low profile during your stay.
  1. "Can you please to tell me which drugs are being legal in your country thank you so much?"
  2. "What is your building's policy on companion goats?"
  3. "My party will be in town to audition for Stomp!, is the unit equipped with metal garbage can lids and if so how many?"
  4. "Could you please rate your neighbors' comfort level with the naked human body?"
  5. "Have any of your previous guests reported issues with ghosts?"
  6. "Could you please sign and return the attached location release for the filming of Austrian Death Machine's new music video?"
  7. How many cats did you have when you were last here? ...Oh. Okay. No, I think it's fine.
    Suggested by @Aliiice