1. This is Wayne and his barber shop. Wayne is 92 years old, walks to and from work every day and learned to cut hair on a Navy ship in WWII because "It seemed like a better option than shooting at people." He charges $10, the same price he charged in 1999 when I started going to see him.
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  2. Not much has changed inside the shop since the 40s when he started working here as the second chair to an elder barber. His clientele is dwindling and I'm the youngest customer he has by at least 30 years. A man in his 60s once walked in, looked at me in the chair and said, "Well Wayne, I guess I'm not your youngest customer anymore."
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  3. One of my favorite things about the experience of going to Wayne's, second only to the conversations, is the collection of old man reading material.
  4. Fisherman's Laugh Book
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    A window into what was funny to fishermen in 1973. SPOILER ALERT: It mostly involved avoiding your family.
  5. Reminisce Magazine
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    I love this one maybe the most. Sample articles include "My First Three-Piece Suit Cost $14," "What was skateboarding like in the 60s?" and "My Great-Grandmother’s Cherished Watch Was More Than a Timepiece"
  6. National Geographic
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    There is a huge pile of these on top of an old stove in the back of the shop dating from the mid 80s to the mid 90s. Digging through them sometimes turns up unexpected treasure, like an early 2000s New Yorker (pictured).
  7. Audubon Magazine
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    Not gonna lie, I'm a little birding curious.
  8. Farm & Ranch Living
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    "For families who love the land"
  9. Saturday Evening Post
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    This is one of the newer periodicals he keeps--some copies as recent as 2012--ironic because it was founded in 1728 by Ben Franklin.
  10. Stuff on the walls
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    This is a flyer that Wayne's son drew depicting a hand made belt buckle that Wayne lost. It was posted all over the neighborhood but alas, the buckle was never returned.