Photos kicking around on my phone that are Portland as hell
  1. No shit
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  2. Baby bird season 🐈
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  3. Due to a migraine
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  4. I can't see
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  5. Vortex ahead
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  6. Pajama concert sold out
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  7. For a restaurant
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  8. Please
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  9. RIP Rose
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  10. Half closed or half open?
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  11. 🐩?
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  12. Literally everything must go
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  14. I think this little guy is going to be OK
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  15. Pen lost
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  16. Take as much as you like
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  17. ...
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  18. Leave your applications in the utilities cabinet!!!
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    Suggested by @Pan
  19. quite the 👶 collection
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    Suggested by @michael
  20. What's up dog?
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    Suggested by @joanna
  21. Wrong Way Stupid
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  22. 💩
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    Suggested by @Jim
  23. I found this in a free box last weekend.
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    Suggested by @elooto
  24. Tub & Tan 🛀
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    Facing east on westbound only Stark in Montavilla. This one's got a little bit of everything.
    Suggested by @Jim