1. Breath pushed heavily through cold nostrils
  2. The wind through the new emptiness of bare and blackened trees
  3. A series of low concussions
  4. Two men sitting silent altogether as is often the way with travelers approaching the end of a journey
  5. Marsh reeds and black ferns clashing softly around you like things chained
  6. A twisted brook that murmurs the clamor and din of those in torment
  7. Not thunder but a sound without cognate and so without description
  8. A periodic click like a misset metronome, a clock, a portent
  9. A horse cropping the grass at its stakerope
  10. The sound of lying in the dark thinking of all the things you do not know about your father, realizing that the father you knew was all the father you would ever know
  11. A sawmill worker whispers, “Jesus”