1. Oakley Razor Blades - 1985-1987
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    These are the first sunglasses I can remember obsessing over. Oakley was brilliant at marketing, tapping into indie sports culture and creating a mania that spread to the general population. Months of begging finally yielded a pair at my birthday and I don't think I took them off for two years.
  2. Tinted Aviators - 1988-1990
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    Once Top Gun hit cable I was all about aviators, the only thing within my middle school means that would propel me towards the scorching sun of Tom Cruise.
  3. Rectangle Wires - 1991-1993
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    High school kicked off the 90s just as fashion everywhere took a stark downward turn. Definitely the most boring phase, probably going for a Mulder thing or maybe just lazy.
  4. Round Wires - 1993-1995
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    College in the mid 90s didn't see a huge improvement but a 60s psychedelic slash black light poster slash Britpop obsession yielded a couple years of purple Lennon shades. To be fair, Liam and I were going through this at the same time.
  5. Blu Blockers - 1996-1997
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    Not ashamed to admit that the Blu Blocker craze grabbed me tighter than a pair of my high school jeans. I think I got a bogo deal from an infomercial so I had regular and tortoise shell.
  6. Rimless Ovals - 1998-2001
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    Not totally sure I can blame The Matrix for this phase but it is a pretty shameful coincidence.
  7. Mirror Aviators - 2002-2004
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    I got divorced in '02 and even though I was having a great time dating on MySpace, I'm pretty sure these were hiding some deep pain.
  8. Classic Wayfarers - 2005-2010
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    Stumbled into the holy grail completely by accident, which seems strange now because they're so ubiquitous. A used pair of oversized tortoise shell at a thrift store, the Wayfarer bug bit me hard. Moved on to classic black and stuck with them through at least three broken or lost pairs.
  9. Colored Wayfarers - 2011-2013
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    Those colored frames are like candy, serious addiction and way too many pairs.
  10. Square Black Rims - 2014-Present
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    After a decade of Wayfarers I came across a goofy but fascinating video about matching face shape and sunglass style, which was revolutionary to me because I don't wear regular glasses and have never talked to a professional in any capacity about buying frames. The video suggested I'd be a match for square frames, so I gave the Ray Ban Justins a try. Love em.