1. This parrot just came in the house when we opened the front door
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  2. Mom invited Mark and Maria over from next door to help capture the parrot. They are from Colombia and used to have a parrot?
  3. We need to get him (her) into a box so we can take it to the Vet according to Mom
  4. I suggested shooing it outside but Mom says that's cruel?
  5. The Colombians and Mom just dissappeared into the cluttered little front bedroom to capture the parrot
  6. Mom just came out
  7. The Colombians are making baby noises
  8. Mark (Colombian) came over with convuluted cage with scraps of parrot food and water in the bottom
  9. Mom just went back in
  10. Standby
  11. (long delay)
  12. OK so the Colombians basically just came over to make sure parrot was comfortable. Provided proper food and a nice living area for parrot and then left.
  13. Help