1. Shopping at a hardware store, one of these sweet electrified murder racquets catches your eye. $4. Hey it's summer, why not.
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  2. Ok, time to murder that one fly in the living room, the one just flying in endless circles right in the middle of the room.
  3. ⚡️ZAP⚡️
  4. Whoa. That was amazing. Why didn't I get one of these years ago?
  5. Walking through every room looking for any kind of bug, there are none. Swipe pathetically at fruit flies that are too small and slip through the holes unscathed.
  6. Maybe I'll open a few more windows, see if any bugs come in.
  7. Waiting in silence in an armchair, lights turned off.
  8. Fuck it, I'll go outside.
  9. ⚡️ZAP⚡️
  10. ⚡️ZAP⚡️
  11. ⚡️ZAP⚡️
  12. SWISH
  13. SWISH
  14. SWISH
  15. Already broken. Still worth it.