1. "Why don't you register that thing motherfucker!"
    Redneck in a giant pickup truck of course, yelled this when I had to weave in front of him because he had run a red light and was blocking the intersection. I've never understood this sentiment, because bikes don't register or pay bike taxes they don't have any rights? I pay all the same taxes you do motherfucker.
  2. "Go man, go!"
    This is a very common and annoying Portland scenario, where I'm stopped at a stop sign and a car that doesn't have a stop sign yields the right of way and then gets snippy when I don't go fast enough. You are not doing me a favor. You want to do bikes a favor? Be predictable and take your right of way. Sometimes I just sit there and point at my stop sign.
  3. "You dropped your kale!"
    I did, I dropped some kale. It fell out of my pannier. This made me happy.