Yeah I loved them in the 90s, so what? Impulsively flew to London to see the ridiculously named "Familiar to Millions" shows...they were exactly the entertaining, egomaniacal loudmouths you'd expect.
  1. Oasis' two back to back shows were supposed to be the last played at the original Wembley stadium before they tore it down, but Bon Jovi scheduled a show immediately after them.
    So Bon Jovi was the last thing to happen at one of London's most iconic event venues.
  2. They did two shows so that one could be recorded as an album/DVD and one could be broadcast live on BBC. We went to both. Liam was fall down drunk and incoherent for the widely panned live broadcast show.
  3. It was the most frightening crowd situation I've ever been in.
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    70,000 mostly mostly male 20 year olds, drunk and rabid, almost the entire stadium was general admission. Think about that for a minute. When a crowd like that starts surging you have no control whatsoever. I don't know how I wasn't trampled, I thought for sure I was going to die when they played Cigarettes and Alcohol.
  4. Which also meant that bathroom options were less than ideal.
    Because the crowd was so big and so jammed in there, and because they opened the gates a full SIX HOURS before the show started, it eventually became impossible to leave your spot to find a bathroom. So people started peeing in water bottles and launching them into the crowd. A guy standing next to me was hit with one and it sprayed everywhere.
  5. The spontaneous chanting
    English football culture enables large crowds of drunk people to spontaneously invent and spread coordinated songs and chants. I hadn't ever experienced anything like this before and it was mesmerizing, wish I could remember some of the chants.
  6. "Shithole! Tear this shithole down! 'Ello Manchestah!"
    This was the first thing Liam said when he walked out on stage. All the Londoners booed.
  7. The copious swearing
    The crowd, the security, the concessionaires, me, each show day was a ten hour string of uninterrupted obscenities. The band also took every opportunity to insert swear words into and between every song.
  8. The Wonderball
    There was a massive beach ball that someone had written "Wonderball" on bouncing around during the second show.
  9. Hey Hey, My My
    The only song that stands out in the otherwise pretty garish mess was this Neil Young cover by Noel. Most of the crowd seemed confused but I was ecstatic and man he fucking killed it.
  10. We had no money to get home because my friend Mike spent it all paying strangers to lift him up on their shoulders.
    So he could "see better" even though he just flailed around like a rag doll. Many beefy English dudes were happy to take his money. We spent an hour at the train station begging for change to get home.