It's a long trip, so we ranked the train station vibes.
  1. Union Station Portland
    Ultimate classic station vibe, historic character is impeccable, restored neon, very wholesome looking conductors.
  2. Olympia
    Major Victorian vibes. Lots of pride in this station, braggy signs like "champion of the rails" and "staffed by volunteers since 1993"
  3. Everett
    Nice, almost too nice, kind of a new library vibe
  4. Mt Vernon
    Really nice PNW vibes, some wooden beam action foreshadowing Canada, kind of a poor man's Everett. Dan says "Mt Vernon is a great place to raise kids."
  5. Tukwila
    Sophisticated park and ride vibes.
  6. Pacific Central Station Vancouver BC
    Grand old station vibe, best viewed from the outside but nice marble vibes inside. Friendly urchin asked us if we were looking to party, eh.
  7. Vancouver WA
    Bavarian vibe, ample parking, nice foliage, adjacent to massive metal scrap yard for a feel good recycling vibe on the other side of the tracks.
  8. Edmonds
    Howard Johnsons vibe, delightful at sunset
  9. Bellingham
    More pleasant public library vibes but nothing remarkable here, feels institutional
  10. King Street Station Seattle
    Pretty douchey vibe. Nice station inside but it's buried under the freeway in a sports stadium ghetto, too dark, so dank.
  11. Centralia
    Divey vibe. All brick, larger than Kelso Longview, lots of alcoholics in this town probably
  12. Kelso/Longview
    Main Street USA vibes, hampered by a middling clock tower and general malaise. Nice brick work though.
  13. Stanwood
    Nothing, no buildings, just straight up plain platform vibes.