Not all time, just some recent watches that I've enjoyed.
  1. Black Mirror - Both Seasons
    Surprised by how many people still haven't made time for this one. It is as insane as all your friends imploring you to watch it say it is.
  2. Luther
    Who doesn't want to just look at Idris Elba being a mentally unstable bad ass all day?
  3. Happy People: A Year in the Taiga
    I would watch Werner Herzog film and narrate paint drying. Spellbinding.
  4. Short Term 12
    A love letter to foster kids. So so good. Incredible writing.
  5. All the Goddamn Netflix Originals
    Lumping together because everyone knows these. Mainlining House of Cards, Peaky Blinders, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Even enjoyed Marco Polo after a slow start and my wife repeatedly walking into the room just to say "What kind of cultural appropriation bullshit is this?"
  6. Slacker
    It's on there! Goes away this month I think! Watch it quick.
  7. The Battered Bastards of Baseball
    Amazing doc about a batshit crazy independent baseball team in the 70s owned by Bing Russell, fielded by amateurs, attended by sellout crowds that were literally lifting things on fire in the stands. You do not need to care about baseball to enjoy this.
  8. Peep and the Big Wide World
    Obligatory kid pick, since kid stuff has taken over my family's queue. This was a hot tip from another parent in the vein of "Will not make you gouge your ears/eyes out and you'll probably laugh." Smart, short episodes, great voice actors including Joan Cusack.
  9. Helix - Season 1
    Scifi medical/zombie thriller, I had low expectations for this but pleasantly surprised. Great flu watch if you find yourself in bed with an unbreakable fever.
  10. Life Itself
    On par with the book which is a tall order.
  11. Salinger
    About the man not the works and very well done. Plus @ChrisK is in it for five seconds.
  12. Bernie
    More Linklater, I loved this movie so much, unlikely cast and incredible writing and mood.
  13. 30 for 30: Bad Boys
    The 80s Pistons were my heroes and I didn't know that Isiah Thomas played an entire playoff game with a sprained ankle.
  14. Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton
    Doc on Stones Throw Records, weird that Kanye is in it but very well done
  15. Jiro Dreams of Sushi
    A life lesson on outstanding achievement in the field of excellence. So nice to look at.
  16. Almost Famous
    Cannot watch enough.
  17. Kon Tiki
    Ocean adventure porn with lovable Norwegians.
  18. Somm
    Love learning about obscure and impossibly deep bodies of knowledge like those required in order to pass the Master Sommelier's exam.
  19. The Punk Singer
    Bikini Kill!
  20. With Bob and David
    This obviously doesn't exist yet but I am just so fucking stoked at this announcement today.