Stay with me here...
  1. Partly Cloudy - Golden Retriever - Harrison Ford
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    Always nice enough to enjoy the day and you'll likely be spared from oppressive heat and sunburn--there's something for everyone on a partly cloudy day, much like a Golden Retriever that looks like Harrison Ford.
  2. Sunny - Saluki - Taylor Swift
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    Confident and brilliant, there isn't anything that can't be accomplished on a sunny day, like perhaps taking on the entire mainstream music establishment and making your own rules, a la this Saluki that looks like Taylor Swift.
  3. Showers - Pug - Steve Buscemi
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    Chance of a sunbreak but more importantly, water falls from the sky. How fucking cool is that? Water and sun are elemental and so is this Pug that looks like Steve Buscemi.
  4. Partly Sunny - Labradoodle - David Duchovny
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    The flip forecast of partly cloudy, generally implies that it will actually be mostly cloudy or that you live in a place dominated by gloom, a dark edge that evokes a Labradoodle that looks like David Duchovny.
  5. Freezing Rain - Afghan Hound - Cher
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    So severe but the ice storm aftermath is stunning, no question that this forecast is an Afghan Hound that looks like Cher.
  6. Morning Fog - Lab - Brian Baumgartner
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    Delightfully cozy and the perfect excuse to linger wherever you spend your morning, followed by that joyful burst of clear skies after lunch, who wouldn't want to cuddle a Labrador Retriever that looks like Brian Baumgartner?
  7. Snow - Schnauzer - Brad Pitt
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    So pure and wise, driven with almost singular desire to conquer all that it encounters, snow is the epitome of unshakable ambition, similar to a Schnauzer that looks like Brad Pitt.
  8. Thunderstorm - Spaniel - Kristen Stewart
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    Despite the promise of renewal, there is a menacing power and a twinge of sadness in the air when a thunderstorm blows through, not unlike this Sussex Spaniel that looks like Kristen Stewart.