A decision tree list to help you prepare for the next round.
  1. 1.
    Are you married or in a relationship that is older than 6 months?
    Yes: Go to 2 / No: Go to 3
  2. 2.
    Have you already invited your significant other or begged @dev to add them in order to keep peace in your household?
    Yes: Go to 3 / No: Go to 17
  3. 3.
    Are your parents still alive?
    Yes: Go to 4 / No: Go to 5
  4. 4.
    Do they have a smartphone, an email address and a basic understanding of how both work?
    Yes: Go to 18 / No: Go to 5
  5. 5.
    Do you have any interesting friends not already on TLA who you would consider to lead interesting lives, past or present?
    Yes: Go to 6 / No, I'm the only interesting person I know: Go to 19
  6. 6.
    Do any of those friends live outside of CA or NY?
    Yes: Go to 20 / No: Go to 7
  7. 7.
    Would any of these friends be open to participating in a Bachelor/Bachelorette style elimination competition to shower you with gifts and services in order to curry your favor?
    Yes: Go to 21 / No: Go to 8
  8. 8.
    Would you consider any of these friends to be besties, BFFs, personal heroes or holders of a spiritual debt that you must repay?
    Yes: Go to 22 / No: Go to 9
  9. 9.
    Do you have any siblings?
    Yes: Go to 10 / No: Go to 12
  10. 10.
    Are they currently in jail?
    Yes: Go to 12 / No: Go to 11
  11. 11.
    Are you on speaking terms?
    Yes: Go to 23 / No: Go to 12
  12. 12.
    Are you employed?
    Yes: Go to 13 / No: Go to 16
  13. 13.
    Would anyone you work with be impressed by and/or appreciative of an invite?
    Yes: Go to 14 / No, I'm the only "me" here: Go to 16
  14. 14.
    Is that person your boss?
    Yes: Go to 15 / No: Go to 24
  15. 15.
    Are you employed as his or her personal assistant?
    Yes: Go to 24 / No: Go to 16
  16. 16.
    Are there people in your town or just outside of your immediate circle of friends that you are aware of and find intriguing or whose work you admire?
    Yes: Go to 25 / No: Go to 19
  17. 17.
    ❤️What are you waiting for?❤️
  18. 18.
    👴Invite your parents, they'll be flattered and will create some hilarious and insightful lists, intentionally or not👵
  19. 19.
    👋Invite no one but tell everyone you know about your elite Beta status, then make some new friends on The List App👋
  20. 20.
    🙏Insist that they join🙏
  21. 21.
    🌹Hold that competition, enjoy the spoils, invite the victors🌹
  22. 22.
    👯Invite any of these pals👯
  23. 23.
    👫Invite your sibs but lord it over them as if it is the greatest gift they have ever received from you👫
  24. 24.
    📈Invite your coworker/employer but try not to list about anything that will get you fired, ok?📉
  25. 25.
    📧Find out their email address and send them a polite invitation to join filled with flattery👍