Not ranked, just numbered. Impossible to rank.
  1. Little Chin Willie
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  2. Tinder Willie
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  3. Fifth Degree Black Belt Willie
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  4. Farm Aid Willie
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    Personal fave
  5. Willie's Fourth of July Picnic Willie
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    Other personal fave
  6. Youngest Prison Willie
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    Feels badly
  7. Youngish Prison Willie
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    Doesn't GAF
  8. Old Prison Willie
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    Takes photos with guards
  9. Sculpted Birthday Cake Willie
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  10. Afghan Willie
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  11. Shotgun Willie
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  12. Braided Asassin Willie
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  13. Waterfall Willie
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  14. Bruce Vilanch Willie
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  15. High at the White House Willie
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  16. Golfing Willie
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    Definitely one of the two lesser known Sport Willies
  17. Marathon Willie
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    The second of the lesser known Sport Willies
  18. We Are The World Willie
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  19. Marijuana Kingpin Willie
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    "Hey Clyde, bring me a hubcap full of chopped bud. And those legal papers for my chain of mega pot stores opening in Colorado."
  20. L.L. Cool Willie
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  21. Left Halfback Willie
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  22. Akita Willie
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  23. Barbara Walters Willie
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  24. Wet Willie
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