A list of movie pitches I came up with at varying degrees of tiredness. Part 1 of a series probably
  1. A lifetime movie about sugar babies, except it's a bunch of dudes, not weak college girl characters lifetime writers are obsessed with
  2. Reverse Rumspringa: an "English" kid becomes Amish to calm down
  3. Brother Husbands the Movie: a woman has 4 husbands and maybe a few kids but not like an ungodly amount or anything
  4. A girl becomes internet famous and then her fifteen minutes of fame are done and she has to learn to be normal again
  5. What Women Want, except reversed
  6. A kid wakes up everyday in a new movie (already been done???)
  7. A girl inherits a candy factory only to find out that it's all an elaborate front for a massive black market for drugs, sex, guns, general debauchery
  8. A girl goes on a Maury-like show for a paternity test and in an odd and confusing twist of fate finds out the host is her real father