Don't act like you've never done this. It is a true classic global pastime.
  1. Guinevere
    Meaning fair or white. Which upon further consideration would be really quite funny.
  2. Charles
    Meaning man apparently?? Regal. Timeless. Simple. Perfect.
  3. Blaire
    Meaning field of battle. Blaire will be a warrior.
  4. Edward
    Meaning rich guard which ????? Again: regal, classic, easy to remember.
  5. Ariadne
    Ariadne was a Greek goddess whose Wikipedia page says she was "Mistress of the Labyrinth; Goddess of Vegetation, Mazes, Paths, Fertility, Wine, Labyrinths, Snakes, and Passion". Just a super cool name. My child will be a goddess of snakes.
  6. Harrison
    Means "son of Harry", so let's hope his fathers name is Harry!
  7. Clarissa
    Meaning bright, clear, brilliant, or famous. Destined for greatness.
  8. Michael
    Meaning "who is like god?" Which is like kind of a weird way to describe a name. With a question I mean. Anyway I just like this name a bit.
  9. Sloane
    Gaelic for "fighter" or "warrior". This ones just out of sheer vanity.