To confirm: in-person readings are not eligible.
  1. Sarah Cole: A Type of Love Story
    The best thing Russell Banks ever wrote. Come at me. This and White Angel should not be read over the phone if one of your party is abroad (longness).
  2. White Angel
    The finest kicker of short fiction in 30 years, maybe tied with People Like That Are The Only People Here. A pre-Hours Michael Cunningham, back when no one (except The New Yorker) was watching.
  3. Send Me To The Electric Chair
    By Clyde Edgerton. And that title. Why am I even still typing?
  4. The School
    Okay, this one is short and classic but the delivery is exceedingly difficult. Do it right and everyone is in stitches. Do it wrong? Not even one laugh.
  5. Lawns
    Mona Simpson. The first time I read this story, I didn't leave my bed for a day. Also I was in college so this kind of behavior was tolerated. But still.
  6. Araby
    The bastard child of The Dead and how I fell for James Joyce.
  7. The Doll's House (almost forgot!)
    Katherine Mansfield. Swoon. I read this one for the kicker, too.