Aka the stuff I tell myself not to eat. Note: subject to change in a month when I get tired of being healthy
  1. No candy
  2. No trans fats
    Side note: if a product has less than .5g per serving the nutrition label can still say 0 even if it contains trans fat. Look for any type of hydrogenated oil in the ingredients.
  3. No cake/cupcakes
    Slash terrible store bought sugar loaded icing and sprinkles and everything.
  4. Nonfat milk. Always.
  5. No midnight snacks
    (I tend to break this one a lot)
  6. Gluten friendly?
    This does not mean no gluten. I eat bread religiously. This means gluten free options when they are available.
  7. No processed food
    This one is breakable. Doritos make me feel bad whenever I look at them now but they technically don't break the other rules. Maybe just as a treat every now and then.